Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Warehouse rack labels

Every logistical process needs proper identification. Yet, many warehouses do not use (barcode) labels or could do with an upgrade to the design of their location labels. This process often proves to be a time-consuming one, but that is where our consultants come in. They are on-hand to help you decide on a foolproof location numbering system that best suits your warehouse. Our production team will fully customise your warehouse rack labels to ensure your work processes run efficiently with faster turnaround times and fewer picking errors.

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Pallet rack labels

No warehouse is complete without clearly visible and legible pallet racking locations. Whether or not you use barcodes on your labels, pallet rack labels that are confusing, illegible or even missing altogether can impact your sales in a negative way in the long run.

Save costs

Just think how much time and money you can save when your operators no longer have to waste time looking for a location to collect or put away a pallet. Not to mention the time lost because your scanners cannot read the barcode in one go due to it being too small, faded or damaged? Time equals money and the last thing you want when running any business is to lose money when an effective solution is at your fingertips.

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Custom design

Our designers specialise in designing multilevel warehouse labels for pallet racks, live pallet racks (fifo), shuttle racks, drive-in racks and cantilever racks. We manufacture your barcode labels not only in the right size for your racking system, but also made from a label material that is best suited to your work situation. For example, removable labels for variable locations or freezer labels for cold storage warehouses.

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Rack and shelf labels

Another warehouse process that may be even more prone to mistakes is order picking. Shelf racks and picking locations often provide little space between bins and drawers so scanning errors with far-reaching consequences are unfortunately easily made. Whether you pick per order or per item, sequential or parallel, work with finger scanners or use voice picking with check digits, we design labels for every type of order picking.

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Labels for vertical storage systems

In many warehouses, order picking involves both traditional horizontal racking and vertical storage systems, such as a Kardex shuttle, paternoster carousel or a Modula Lift. In addition to regular multilevel warehouse rack labels, you can also order location labels that are suitable for these types of warehouse storage. Each label is custom-made by our production team, so whether you work with large crates or small trays in your Kardex shuttle lift, our barcode labels will suit your working method perfectly.

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Yellow or multicoloured warehouse rack labels?

Typically, yellow and white are most often used for warehouse labels. However, in warehouses when the racking exceeds 3 levels, we recommend using multi-coloured mulitlevel labels for your pallet racking instead of yellow or white labels. Using colour to identify each pallet racking level allows you to make significant gains when it comes to efficiency. In addition, the use of colour-coding on your warehouse rack labels is a perfect complement to the 5S method or a similar Lean working method.

In the video below our customer totaalBED shares their experience working with multilevel multicoloured rack labels.

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Scanning problems?

A well-designed warehouse label is easy to read and quick to scan, facilitating a fast order turnaround and efficient flow of goods. However, the experience and feedback from our customers have shown that sometimes problems occure when scanning warehouse rack labels. These problems may be caused by:

  • Poor height-to-width ratio in the barcode.
  • Insufficient contrast between the barcode and the background.
  • Poor print quality.
  • Wrong label material.
  • Confusing label design.
  • Single-colour or monotone background.
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Our label designs offer a solution for all of these issues. To determine which layout is best suited to your barcode labels, we look at the application, the light sources used and the use of colour, among other things. Based on all this information, our designers create a layout that is optimised for your work environment, so you can reap the long-term benefits of your investment.

Label designs for your warehouse rack labels

The better the design of your warehouse rack labels, the more efficient your warehouse operations will be. Labels that are used for cantilever racks or pallet racks with tunnels, for example, require a different design than one that is used for traditional pallet racking. Do you combine shelving locations with pallet and bulk storage in your warehouse racking? That type of storage also requires a special label layout.

Our label designers create a design that is fully tailored to your warehouse operations. We discuss with you the layout of your warehouse as well as the location codes and numbers your WMS uses to determine the correct design for your location labels.

Type of coding

What do you envision your warehouse rack labels to look like? Do you want vertical labels on uprights instead of horizontal warehouse labels on beams? What information should the rack labels contain? Do you require only text, or a barcode or datamatrix code, or a combination? Do you want to add check digits? Our production team will customise all of your warehouse rack labels to suit your needs.

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After having printed your designs, we finish your labels with a matt laminate. This laminate not only enhances the readability of your warehouse racking labels, but it also helps extend their lifespan. In our knowledge base, you will find examples of label designs of horizontal rack labels and vertical pallet rack labels that we have already created for our customers.

Questions about warehouse rack labels

Would you like to know which label design we recommend for your warehouse coding? Would you like to test a certain label material or learn more about using colour coding for your warehouse racking labels? Please contact Sales Manager Anton Damen or download our free brochure for a complete overview of our product range, consisting of labels, warehouse location signs and floor identification.

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