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Use pallet ID labels to trace your stock

Pallet ID labels, also known as license plate numbers (LPN) or box labels, track the flow of goods in your warehouse from A to B and ease your work load. This type of temporary identification is a simple way to manage your internal track and trace and guarantee that pallets, boxes, crates and products will be stored at the right location in your warehouse.

Why use pallet ID labels?

The use of pallet ID labels enhances the efficieny of your warehouse’s work processes. Simply link the unique barcodes to your warehouse management system (WMS) and you’re good to go. The right label design prevents you from having to look for lost shipments and orders ever again. The benefits of pallet ID labels:

  • Each pallet, box or crate gets a unique code assigned to it upon arrival at the warehouse. This code is linked to your WMS for quick identification of your stock.
  • The preprinted labels pallet ID, LPN or box labels can be designed to contain variable information such as sequential numbers with barcodes (1D or 2D QR or Datamatrix, or EAN).
  • A sturdy barcode design makes for quick and easy scanning, thereby reducing the risk of errors.
  • Pallet ID labels are available in a variety of colours to identify different goods assigned to different clients.
  • Depending on the required visibility of the label, our label designers can create a regular, one-sided label or a so-called corner label which is applied to one side of a pallet or box and wraps around a corner, thereby displaying the barcode and label data on two sides.

Pallet ID characteristics

When it comes to Pallet ID, LPN and box labels you have your pick of a number of materials, sizes and colours. The labels are delivered preprinted with unique sequential numbers, giving you a clear overview of your warehouse stock.

  • Paper or polyethylene labels.
  • Permanent or non-permanent adhesive.
  • Suitable for barcode ID on e.g. pallet overpacks, boxes and plastic bins.
  • Preprinted to include unique sequential numbers or a series of numbers according to your specifications.
  • Available in white, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. Additional colours available upon request.
  • Printed on rolls, enabling quick and easy application.
  • Available in the following sizes: 70x35mm, 100x58mm and 150x100mm. Additional sizes are available upon request.
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Custom advice on pallet ID labels

If you are looking for an cost-effective and high-quality solution for tracking your warehouse stock, pallet ID labels are the answer. Our labelling experts will be happy to advise you on the format, colour and material that will best suit your needs.

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