Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Get your patch panels organised

The web of tangled wires, cables and connections on some patch panels, switchboards, control panels and terminal blocks reinforces the need for proper identification. ONE2ID offers a wide range of powerful and durable label solutions, tailor-made to suit every one of your electrical connections.

Troubleshooting and maintenance

Are you looking for ways to improve both damage assessment and maintenance of your patch panels and control panels? Give our custom-made barcode labels a try.

Well-designed barcode labels enable you to supply wires, cables, patches and electrical connections in your data or phone network, control rooms, and on your audio-visual equipment with clear and precise identification. You’ll never again lose precious time when replacing damaged cables or repairing patches.

ONE2ID stocks an extensive assortment of labels in all types of materials, sizes, adhesives and colours. If you need your labels to be able to withstand UV lighting, aggressive chemical solvents and extreme changes in temperature, our label experts can advise you on the type of label that keeps its legibililty in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Extensive product range

  • Raised label. A cost-saving alternative to engraved Resopal (EPREP) type plates.
  • Laminate. Protects the data on PUR cable tags.
  • PALLabel. An inventive label that can be printed and laminated in a matter of seconds.
  • Type plate. Versatile white and silver polyester with a strong permanent adhesive.
  • Paper. A cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Economy. Strong polypropylene material, suitable for adhesion to plastic and metal.
  • Repositionable. Polypropylene material, suitable for reuse without losing any of its adhesive strength. Leaves no residue behind, even after years of use.
  • Vinyl. Flexible material, suitable for nearly every type of industrial surface.
  • Destructible. Tamper-evident security label which breaks apart upon removal.
  • Checkerboard. Tamper-evident security label which leaves a checkerboard pattern behind upon partial or complete removal.
  • TAG. A virtually untearable plastic (polypropylene or polyethylene) tag that can be mounted with staples, metal wire, rope, cable ties, or in a label holder.
  • Aluminium/ stainless steel. Durable tags for extremely long-term identification. Available with a very strong adhesive or pre-drilled holes for installation with screws or rivets.
ONE2ID typeplaatje eprep resopal raised label industrie

Request advice or samples

When using custom-made barcode labels designed by ONE2ID, you can be assured the risk of ever making mistakes again while connecting or attaching wires, cables, switches or patches is notably minimised. Feel free to ask us for material samples or contact us to find out which solution our label experts can offer your company.

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