Preprinted labels

ONE2ID specialises in manufacturing preprinted labels that contain variable information, as specified by you. Barcodes, alphanumeric data, logos, 2D (data matrix) codes, QR codes, lines and arrows, we can add every desired combination to your label. By working closely together with you we can determine e.g. the ideal distance for reading and scanning the label, the right size of the label and the use of colour.

Match the label to the application

ONE2ID stocks over 1,600 standard-sized labels that can be custom made to suit your labelling wishes. We are happy to offer you advice on the right size, colour, quantity, type of material and layout that best suit your application needs. After you have chosen the material and layout you need, we will then proceed to produce the labels according to your exact specifications to ensure a long-term return on investment.

A selection of our product range:
  • Preprinted warehouse pallet or pick racking labels with barcodes, alphanumeric data and check digits.
  • Powerful magnetic labels. The ideal, reusable solution for ever-changing stock locations.
  • Reflective labels for bulk storage that quadruple the scanning range of long-range scanners, up to 15 metres.
  • Removable (Repositionable) polypropylene labels. Easy to remove without compromising the adhesive qualities of the label or leaving residue behind, and easy to reuse.
  • Plastic, aluminium or stainess steel labels and TAGS which provide proper identification to your inventory, such as crates, trolleys, and carts.
  • Type plates for easy identification of your machines, products, PCBs and components. We stock security labels, such as VOID, Checkerboard and Destructible materials, as well as Print and Laminate labels (PALLabels) which enable you to print labels and easily attach a protective laminate yourself.
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Your order of preprinted labels will arrive all set for quick and easy application. We can also supply labels that are partially preprinted to which you can add additional product data when needed. If you prefer to design and print the labels yourself, our blank labels can be custom made in the size and colour you desire.

Label design and printing

At ONE2ID, we offer a range of materials to choose from, including polyethylene, polyester, polyimide (Kapton®), magnet and paper. Your labels can be personalised to include plain text, numbers, barcodes, 2D codes such as QR and data matrix, logos or a combination of all these elements. We are happy to discuss the various options with you to find the right label solution that can withstand the demands of your particular work environment. Our label experts use their extensive experience in label production to create a design with maximum legibility for e.g. inventory management, short and long range scanners, during PCB manufacturing processes, as well as on patch panels, switchboards and control boxes.

The majority of our preprinted labels is protected by a strong laminate with a matte or glossy finish to enhance their durability in your work environment. A protective laminate offers a number of benefits:

  • High resistance against water, scratches and other types of abrasion.
  • UV- and chemical resistance.
  • Enhanced legibility of the label data.
  • Prolonged longevity.
  • Use of a matte or glossy finish lends a particular look to the label.
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Your professional label partner

Label printing has never been easier. Simply let ONE2ID take care of the process for you. Are you embarking on a new project and in need of advice on labelling? Send us an email to request label material samples or contact one of our label experts to discuss the size, colour and material, specifically designed to match your needs. We prefer to meet with you in person to examine your work environment and go over your wishes in terms of labelling before we are able to provide you with our tailor-made advice, free of charge. If you happen to be short on time, feel free to ask us for a meeting via Skype or Facetime.

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