Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Retro reflective labels

Barcode scanning is common practice in both industrial and logistical processes to improve work efficiency and accuracy. But what if you were to use barcode labels that can enhance and speed up the scanning process? That’s exactly what our retro reflective barcode labels were designed for: faster scanning and saving time.

How do retro reflective barcode labels work?

Retro reflective barcode labels are finished with a special coating that contains microscopic, reflective glass beads. These beads reflect the beam from the long-range laser or image scanner directly back to the scanner, thereby creating higher reflectivity and three main benefits:

  • Up to 4 times faster barcode scanning.
  • Accurate scanning from longer distances, up to 20 metres.
  • Accurate scanning from any conceivable angle.
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Retro reflective barcode labels also enable scanning in relatively dark environments, as opposed to conventional labels. When the beam of a light source, e.g. the glow of a torch, hits the label, the glass-bead coating reflects the light back quicker, enhancing the legibility.

The uses of retro reflective barcode labels

For the most part, we design and manufacture retro reflective barcode labels for use in warehouses and distribution centres. Common uses are:

  • Long-range scanning of bulk storage and warehouse zone signs suspended from the ceiling.
  • Order picking using arm wearable terminals with finger scanners.
  • Multi-colour or single-colour rack and shelving labels. Retro reflective labels are suitable for scanners integrated into reach truck forks as well as long-range handheld scanners that are used e.g. for scanning locations above pallet rack tunnels.
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However, retro reflective barcode labels are also suitable for applications within the electronics, electrical, food or automotive industries. They are most often used for component tracking labels, warning and instructional labels, and promotional labels.

The retro reflective labels are made of polyester with strong, permanent adhesive qualities. The application temperature ranges from -40ºC up to +80ºC. The labels adhere very well to metal, low and high surface tension plastics, painted and powdercoated surfaces, ceramics, paper, glass and fibreglass. Feel free to request free samples to test the label material with your long-range scanners.

Bespoke retro reflective labels

Our production team custom designs the retro reflective labels to suit your specific needs. They optimise the design of both the label and the barcode to ensure the best scanning results. Depending on the type of scanner you work with, you can choose from a variety of barcode types, such as a regular barcode (1D), datamatrix code or QR code (2D).

We finish your preprinted retro reflective labels with a glossy laminate coating to enhance the reflective qualities of your location labels. In addition, the laminate coating protects the labels from (mechanical) damage, discolouration, oils and chemicals. If you prefer magnetic labels instead of self-adhesive stickers, we can also supply the retro reflective labels in a magnetic version for use in e.g. cold storage and freezer locations.

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Advice on retro reflective labels

Our consultants are on hand to answer any and all questions you may have regarding retro reflective labels. In order to provide you with the best advice, we will discuss the following aspects with you:

  • The application for which you want to use retro reflective labels.
  • The type of scanner you work with.
  • The maximum scanning distance.
  • The distance from the scanner to the label.
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If you’d like more information about retro reflective labels or other label materials and identification solutions we can offer your company, please contact barcode label expert Anton Damen.

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