Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Label your electronic components

ONE2ID stocks a wide variety of standard-sized label materials to supply your electronic components and parts with identification data. If your company operates within one of the following businesses: datacom, telecom, consumer electronics, laboratory, automotive or general industry, we have the label solution you’re looking for. Print your own labels using a thermal transfer printer or let our label experts take care of the work for you by ordering preprinted labels.

The right label can save you money

Electronic components, no matter what size, need suitable labels that can withstand the demands of the work environment. The last thing you’d want to happen is for your production line to be ground to a halt due to unintelligible labels or labels that have inadvertently come unattached from e.g. a printed circuit board during the soldering process. In these instances, regular labels won’t suffice.

ONE2ID manufactures your labels using heat-resistant material that can withstand aggressive, chemical solvents. These polyimide (Kapton®) labels can be applied either before, during or after the PCB manufacturing process. This enables you to trace your printed circuit boards during every step of the assembly process. The heat-resistant coating protects the label data, thereby ensuring long-term legibility.

Polyimide labels are suitable for use during wave and reflow soldering processes and for both SMD and through-hole assembly. Our labels are also compatible with feeders1 used for pick & place2 machines.

ONE2ID etiketten PCB elektronica

Electrostatic discharge safety labels

Among the available types of polyimide labels, one is specifically designed to prevent electrostatic discharge: the ESD label. This type of label has a pressure-sensitive, extremely strong acrylic adhesive that stays attached to PCBs (printed circuit boards) and electronic components in even the harshest of environments.

When removing the ESD polyimide label from the liner, the static build-up is less than 10 volts per square centimetre. This means you can safely apply it to hyper-sensitive electronic components and guarantee long-term durability of the label, even after it’s been through a wave or reflow soldering process.

ONE2ID kapton polyimide PCB etiketten

Range of label materials

Aside from manufacturing chemical and heat-resistant labels for sole use on PCBs, ONE2ID offers you a choice of additional label materials for temporary or long-term identification of your electronic components. You decide on the material you need and our designers will create a custom barcode label.

  • Checkerboard. Tamper-evident security label that is designed to leave a checkerboard pattern on the surface upon removal.
  • Destructible. Tamper-evident label that breaks into pieces upon attempt at removal.
  • Type plate. Versatile polyester labels with a strong adhesive, available in white or silver. Can be used on virtually all surfaces.
  • Paper. A low-cost solution for component labelling.
  • Economy. A strong polypropylene label, suitable for plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Repositionable. A strong polypropylene label, suitable for reuse. Can be removed without leaving any residue behind. Retains its strong adhesive qualities even after long periods of time.
ONE2ID checkerboard label security fraudebestendig beveiliging

Our extensive label material assortment helps you find the labels you need in any size or colour. If your work environment requires you to design and print the labels yourself, feel free to ask us for information on blank labels, label design software, and thermal transfer printers.

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1: Suppliers of label feeders: Hover Davis, Brady, AMS, Kutronic, Elite Feeder Solutions, Identco, PB Tec Solutions, CAB, Europlacer.

2: Pick & place machines compatible with label feeders: Assembleon, Juki, ASM Siplace, Fuji, Heeb, Fritsch, Samsung, Yamaha, Mydata, Siemens, Panasonic, Universal.