Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Sturdy component labels

Labelling your electrical components, parts and equipment with proper identification is an essential part of effective troubleshooting and easy maintenance. A well thought-out design including a smart barcode facilitates easy tracing of your electrical components.

Long-term identification

Barcode labels that are used for identification of electrical components are often exposed to extreme working conditions. Therefore, the label material should be resistant to e.g. chemicals in harsh solvents, oils, UV lighting and extreme weather conditions. The right material guarantees long-term use of the labels as well as prolonged legibility of data such as barcode, plain text and numbers.

ONE2ID aluminium tags met barcode

List your wishes

When selecting the type of label to best suit your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will you be using the labels for, e.g. identification of your property and belongings or internal track & trace? Do the labels require a permanent adhesive or will they need to be replaced over time?
  • What is your work environment like? Will the labels be used indoors or outdoors? Does the material need to be heat-resistant, water-proof or resistant to oils and harsh chemicals?
  • To what type of surface will the labels be applied? Long-term identification on a flat, rough surface or a smooth rounded surface requires different types of adhesives. Using the same type of material for labelling both your equipment as well as wires & cables is not advisable.
  • Do you prefer to print the labels yourself or would you like ONE2ID to take care of the printing for you? When ordering blank labels, simply choose the type of material you need and our label experts will manufacture them in the sizes and quantities you ordered. They can also offer advice on thermal transfer printers and ribbons. If you’d also like to design your labels and add barcodes, arrows and the like, you can’t go wrong with NiceLabel design software.

Choose the right label material

  • Raised label. A cost-saving alternative to engraved Resopal (EPREP) type plates.
  • Laminates, which offer additional protection from abrasion, mechanical damage, chemicals, oils, grease and UV lighting. Can also be used as clear type plates.
  • PALLabel. An innovative label that can be printed and laminated in a matter of seconds. Available as preprinted and blank label.
  • Type plate. Versatile white and silver polyester with a strong permanent adhesive. Suitable for use on most surfaces.
  • Paper. A cost-effective solution for component identification.
  • Economy. Strong polypropylene material, suitable for adhesion to plastic and metal.
  • Repositionable. Strong polypropylene material, suitable for reuse without losing any of its adhesive strength. Leaves no residue behind, even after years of use.
  • Destructible. Tamper-evident security label which breaks apart upon removal.
  • Checkerboard. Tamper-evident security label which leaves a checkerboard pattern behind upon partial or complete removal.
  • TAG. A virtually untearable plastic (polypropylene or polyethylene) tag that can be mounted with staples, metal wire, rope, cable ties, or in a label holder. Suitable for long-term outdoor use.
  • Aluminium/ stainless steel. Durable tags for extremely long-term identification. Available with a very strong adhesive or pre-drilled holes for installation with screws or rivets.
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Standard-sized or custom-made

ONE2ID stocks a wide range of standard-sized materials suitable for any type of electrical component, part or equipment identification. All of our materials can be custom made in the size, colour and design you desire. Please contact us for custom advice or make an appointment with one of our account managers.

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