Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

About ONE2ID

ONE2ID is a manufacturing company in the Dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn, which, since its establishment in 2012, has become the expert in customised barcode labels and blank labels for complex industrial and logistics applications. In short, if you have a question about label materials and barcodes, ONE2ID has the answer.

Watch our corporate video for an inside look into our label factory.

What can you expect from ONE2ID?

ONE2ID is unique in its solutions as well as its professionals. As experts in our field, we can help our customers by providing personalised label advice and sharing our knowledge. We think in terms of possibilities and work effectively and efficiently. Working smarter, not harder. Our staff will guide you through every step of the order process, so you will know exactly what to expect and when.

We aim for a high level of customer satisfaction and listen closely to our customers’ expectations. Our ambition is to provide high-quality products, strive for innovation and improve our products and services with every new project.

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CEO Anton Damen about ONE2ID

Our mission is to develop and manufacture unique barcode products for a select group of industries and companies. At ONE2ID, we create customer-specific identification solutions by combining unique materials and high-quality production machinery with our in-depth knowledge of industrial and logistics applications.

How do you benefit? Our innovative barcode and label solutions help you to reduce costs in your business processes. You have a wider choice of products and groundbreaking solutions, because we keep responding to market demands. Thanks to our commitment to innovation, you will always get the best solution for your specific application.

How do you benefit from having ONE2ID design your labels?

Our label experts can rely on over 30 years of experience in designing and producing industrial and warehouse identification solutions. Do you need a custom label design or a specific label material that must meet high industry standards? Our experienced production team does not shy away from a challenge. They specialise in designing barcode labels for applications within a wide range of industries.

Whether you need tiny, heat-resistant labels for electronics and data communication, blank shrink sleeves for wire coding or multi-colour pallet rack labels for your warehouse, our label specialists are up to the task. Our innovative label designs combined with our modern production techniques have already proved to be the right solution for many companies.

We believe in clear and concise communication so you’ll know exactly what to expect from us. Therefore, we are able to move swiftly through the entire project, from first request to final delivery. Are you working on a project and would like personal advice? Let us know and we will get to work for you. As the only barcode specialist you need, we offer the best answer to every barcode question.

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