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Cantilever rack labels

Cantilever rack labels, for the most part, have to be able to withstand challenging conditions. Therefore, labelling cantilever racks, also known as long-item racking, can pose a challenge compared to labelling standard pallet racking shelves and beams. It is not uncommon for warehouses that store long and/or heavy-duty goods to have to deal with a more than average share of dust and dirt. As a result, the type of material you choose for your rack labels should be sturdy and durable. Another point of interest that requires careful consideration when labelling cantilever racks is the placement of the labels on the cantilever arm. The label advisors at ONE2ID are on hand to help you find a suitable solution.

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Proper placement of cantilever rack labels

Proper identification is indispendable in any warehouse. The placement of your cantilever rack labels is dependent upon the type of cantilever racking system you use to store your long goods. For instance, can the racks be accessed from one or both sides? Does your cantilever racking system combine long goods storage with pallet storage on decking? How does the routing of your forklift trucks and side loaders come into play? The answer to these questions will determine the proper placement of your cantilever rack labels to ensure long-term legibility from every angle.

Next, you have to consider the type of goods or materials that are being stored in your warehouse. Coils, rolls and pallets are less likely to overhang the edge of the rack compared to bulky loads such as metal beams, steel tubes and plywood, which limit the visibility of certain parts of your racks.

Feel free to contact one of our label experts for advice on applying the labels to specific parts of the cantilever rack, for example to the side or the front of the cantilever arm, or even to the base of the upright.

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Suitable materials for cantilever rack labels

Our label designers manufacture labels for different types of cantilever racks, such as

  • Structural
  • I-Beam
  • Light duty

Storing and transporting long and heavy goods inside your warehouse comes with an increased chance of damaging the rack labels. To ensure long-term use of your labels we recommend choosing impact-resistant label materials such as anisotropic magnet, strong polyproylene or raised labels made from polyester. Their strong adhesive qualities combined with a protective laminate finish provide these label materials with a strong resistance to humidity, oils, chemicals, UV-light and harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Yellow or multi-colour cantilever rack labels?

When it comes to rack labels, most people immediately think of yellow labels. That is because yellow is still the most commonly used colour for the identification of any warehouse racking system. It is also a simple solution for labelling your cantilever racking system. However, if your racking system consists of more than 3 upper levels, we advise the use of colour-coded rack labels. Colour-coded rack labels with corresponding level colours offer several benefits to your day-to-day warehouse operations.

  • Colour provides contrast and clarity.
  • Colour recognition requires less time and effort than having to read a text.
  • The use of colour improves work accuracy and speed.
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These days, plenty of warehouses opt for a Very Narrow Aisle racking system to gain maximum storage capacity. Colour-coded rack labels are the perfect solution for improving the work efficiency of warehouse operators who have to navigate the narrow aisles. Instead of having to look up and scan all the locations, they are able to locate the colour assigned to the location in a matter of seconds, thereby saving valuable time. To further enhance the benefits of colour-coding, our label designers apply a matte laminate finish to the preprinted labels. This absorbs the light from various light sources, ensuring the legibility of both the colour of the label and the location data, even at the top levels of your racking system.

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When you order your cantilever rack labels from ONE2ID, you can count on us to deliver the solution you are looking for. As with any adhesive material, the durability of our labels depends on proper application of the labels. No matter how high the quality of the label material, no label will stick to a dusty, greasy or dirty surface for any length of time. Always make sure to thoroughly clean the surface prior to installing any type of label. Please take a look at the tools we stock and contact us for a free quotation or personal advice.

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