Warehouse floor identification

Have you ever considered how much choosing the right type of floor identification can enhance an efficient flow of goods in your warehouse? Your warehouse floor is subjected to heavy traffic from forklifts, reach trucks, trolleys, carts and the like on a daily basis. The choice of identification used for your bulk storage locations for instance, should be well thought out. Your work environment as well as the desired durability of the labels play a key factor in your decision-making.

ONE2ID vloerlabel magazijnvloer met datamatrix barcode

Trolleys, roll cages, rolling carts

Our Economy labels are a low-cost and durable solution for warehouse floor identification. The scratch-proof lexan topcoat of these polypropylene labels ensures the continued legibility of both the barcode and the plain text. A smart, tailor-made solution when you’re on a limited budget.

These plastic labels are often used in warehouses with heavy traffic from standard material handling equipment, such as trolleys, carts and cages, and little to no forklifts or reach trucks. Even though Economy labels are made out of durable polyester with a strong acrylic adhesive, they aren’t the best option for a long-term solution if your warehouse experiences heavy traffic from forklifts, reach trucks etc. In those instances, we recommend choosing one of our metal floor frames. On the plus side, the Economy labels are easy to install and fairly easy to remove if the situation calls for it.

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ONE2ID vloerlabels vloermarkering labels magazijnvloer
ONE2ID warehouse floor identification floor frames and labels

Average to heavy forklift traffic

If hundreds of pallets and products are continuously being moved by heavy forklifts, your warehouse requires a different identification solution: floor frames. These metal frames are available in a standard and extreme version to provide a sturdy and durable solution to identifying bulk storage locations. They can be anchored to the floor either chemically or with heavy duty concrete screws. The label that’s placed in the centre of the frame can be custom-designed to include a barcode and/or plain text. It’s protected by a replaceable perspex cover.

Our standard floor frame has a thickness of 1,5mm and a rectangular shape (label size: 123x73mm). Ideally suited for use in warehouses with an average amount of traffic. The extreme version, in comparison, has an oval-shaped metal frame with a thickness of 3mm (label size: 150x100mm) to ensure minimal impact damage from every corner. The perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use and a durable long-term identification solution to combat the effects of abrasion caused by heavy traffic.

ONE2ID vloerframes magazijn floor frame
ONE2ID ovaal frame magazijnvloer

This round metal frame is even sturdier than its oval companion. The frame itself has a thickness of 6mm, along with the slanted sides to minimise impact damage. It’s ideally suited for use on concrete or tarmac surfaces, and therefore the perfect choice for labelling your outdoor bulk storage locations. Simply install the frame with the right sealant and you’re all set. The 80x80mm label that is placed in the centre of the frame can be customised to your specific wishes and is protected by a 2mm thick perspex cover. So you won’t have to worry about the legibility of your barcode, plain text, arrows and numbers for a long time to come.

Floor marking

In addition to floor labels, ONE2ID can supply several floor marking shapes, such as corner pieces, T-shaped pieces, crosses and dots. A quick and easy way to mark pedestrian walkways as well as specific warehouse locations, such as bulk storage and loading and unloading areas. Floor marking can be a valuable part of any Lean work method, such as 5S.

ONE2ID magazijn vloermarkering voetstappen labels
ONE2ID vloermarkering inbound opslag bulklocatie
ONE2ID vloermarkering magazijnvloer
ONE2ID vloermarkering magazijn belijning dots hoekstukken

Warehouse optimisation

ONE2ID stocks an extensive range of labels and identification solutions that help you optimise the flow of goods and general processes in your warehouse. If you are looking for a useful alternative to warehouse floor identification, have a look at our bulk storage signs. Our label experts design and manufacture your labels and signs according to your specifications. Please download our free Warehouse & Logistics brochure for more information about our products.

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