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Magnetic labels

Does your warehouse setup include physical storage locations that change often and are not linked to your software? Then you might benefit from testing our magnetic labels to see if they can be a fitting solution for warehouse identification. We can manufacture your magnetic labels to include your desired barcode type, such as a regular barcode, datamatrix code or QR code.

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When do you choose magnetic labels?

One of the most common reasons for choosing magnetic labels is the use of self-adhesive labels on metal surfaces is not allowed. This may have to do with the requirements and restrictions of your work environment on the one hand, while on the other with the possibility of being able to easily replace the labels with new location codes over time, without having to clean the surface first.

In other cases we often come across, using labels with adhesive is not an option because they need to be applied at very low temperatures (< 0°C) e.g. in cold storage warehouses or industrial freezers. If that’s the case, usually magnetic labels are the right solution for quick, clean and easy labelling and relabelling.

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Warehouse logistics managers often choose magnetic labels for location numbering on shuttle racks, flow racks (FIFO) or standard pallet racks with tunnels. Magnets are also the go-to solution for shelving racks, because it’s easy to place the magnetic labels side by side. That way your order pickers can clearly see which barcode belongs to which article.

What are the different types of magnets?

ONE2ID can supply two types of magnetic labels: isotropic and anisotropic. Our standard magnetic solution is the isotropic magnet. This magnetic material can be applied at temperatures up to +5°C and can easily be removed, e.g. when the racking locations change. You can quickly wipe off any smudges or grease that may occur with use thanks to the protective laminate finishing, making the magnetic labels suitable for long-term use.

The anisotropic material is our extreme magnetic solution. This material is up to 3 times more powerful than the isotropic magnetic label material. In addition to stronger adhesion, this type of magnetic label can be applied at temperatures as low -25ºC. It’s commonly used for location numbering in refrigerated and cold storage warehouses. The powerful magnetic effect also makes the anisotropic magnet particularly suitable for racking uprights and textured surfaces, for which shelving labels with a standard adhesive do not suffice.

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Writable magnetic labels

If you’d like to manually write the information on magnetic labels, we can supply blank, unlaminated magnetic labels. You can use either a pen, highlighter or whiteboard marker to add the desired information to the label. However, it’s worth mentioning unlaminated magnets are more susceptible to damage, discolouration and fading.

If you prefer laminated magnetic labels that are also writable, try our writable magnets. We finish this type of label with a special laminate, that offers long-term protection against abrasion and is comparable to a whiteboard. You simply write the information on the magnet with a whiteboard dry erase marker and remove it easily with a whiteboard eraser. You can also use a permanent marker to write on these special magnetic labels, but, in much the same way as a whiteboard, you will not be able to remove the information afterwards.

Watch the short video for instructions on how to use the writable whiteboard magnetic label.

What are the benefits of magnetic labels?

If you work with many locations that require temporary identification because they change frequently, it is more advantageous to opt for magnetic labels. One significant advantage of magnetic labels is that they are quick to apply and remove. Moreover, magnetic labels can be printed and laminated in the same way as self-adhesive labels. Just let us know which information we need to add to the magnets and we will create a suitable and functional design for you.

A quick overview of the benefits:

  • Wide temperature range, from -25°C to +50°C.
  • Very quick to apply and remove.
  • Easy and clean removal.
  • Sturdy, powerful and durable.
  • Available as preprinted option, to include your desired information (barcodes, alphanumeric, colours).
  • Also available as blank labels on roll.
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Magnetic labels in your warehouse

You can use magnetic labels for a multitude of warehouse applications. For example:

  • Variable pallet racking and order picking locations, cantilever racks and shelf racks.
  • Identification in cold storage warehouse and industrial freezers where self-adhesive labels do not stick to the surface.
  • Variable locations for small parts and products stored in crates and bins.
  • Temporary identification of order picking trolleys, carts, cages and wire baskets.
  • Marking of aisles or walkways.
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Magnets are a versatile solution for (temporary) identification in your warehouse. However, it should be noted magnetic labels can be sensitive to bumping and shifting when used in extremely busy warehouses. This is especially true for smaller magnetic shelving labels on order picking locations. Please take this into account when choosing your label or consult one of our label advisors to determine whether magnetic labels are the right solution for you.

Questions about magnetic labels

Labelling and relabelling has never been easier thanks to magnetic labels. Do you have questions about our magnetic solutions, would you like to receive a free quote or test magnetic labels in your warehouse? Then please contact one of our advisers.

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