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Freezer labels

If you have experienced working in a cold storage or refrigerated warehouse, you know that labels made from standard label materials do not stick to the shelves for long. Oftentimes, the adhesive freezes before you’ve even had time to apply the label, rendering the labels useless. ONE2ID has a range of materials, especially suited to these challenging conditions, so you can be assured of long-term legibility of your freezer labels.

ONE2ID Freezer labels cold storage refrigerated warehouse cold room

Freezer racking labels

Barcode labels that are used in industrial freezers, cold rooms, chillers or refrigerated warehouses must be able to withstand very low temperatures for a long period of time in order for you to efficiently do your job. However, before deciding on a particular type of label material, you need to consider the temperature at which you are going to apply the rack and shelf labels.

Our polypropylene ‘Freezer’ labels are suitable for low temperature application (-25ºC) and are designed to withstand temperatures as low as -55ºC. This means, you can apply this type of material when your warehouse or freezer is already in use. However, if your cold storage warehouse is still under construction, you can also opt for a different type of label material, e.g. polyester. A polyester label can be applied at a temperature of +10ºC, but its strong adhesive is designed to withstand -40ºC.

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Fixed or variable locations

Another consideration when choosing a label material for any refrigerated warehouse is the type of location: fixed or variable. Locations that change frequently, for example in the case of shelving units, benefit most from the use of magnetic labels. Our anisotropic magnets have a very powerful magnetic field that adheres extremely well to, for instance, rough and uneven surfaces. This type of freezer label can be applied at -25ºC and is easy to remove and reapply.

Freezer labels on the warehouse floor

Making sure your warehouse floor locations have proper identification is a challenge under normal circumstances. When forklifts and reach trucks continuously move pallets and goods across the floor, it increases the risk of damage to the floor labels. However, refrigerated and cold storage facilities have one additional obstacle to take into account: the temperature. ONE2ID offers two smart solutions. First, our ‘Floor Frame Extreme Outdoor’, a metal frame that can withstand harsh working environments and heavy warehouse traffic. The only caveat is that the frame requires floor mounting with heavy duty concrete screws.

ONE2ID Floor frames warehouse floor marking
ONE2ID Bulk storage signs warehouse signs long range scanning

The second solution we can provide, is the use of warehouse signs for bulk storage locations, instead of freezer labels. We can custom design L-shaped or V-shaped location signs with powerful magnetic screws, which are ideally suited for use in cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses. Simply click the signs to the ceiling or metal wall and remove them again whenever the situation calls for it.

Freezer labels for testing

Before purchasing any type of blank or preprinted label, it’s important to always test the desired material in your specific working environment. This applies in particular to cold storage and refrigerated warehouses. We will be happy to send you samples of freezer labels so you can determine whether or not the material suits your needs. Click on the button below and fill out the sample form to send us your sample request.