Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Durable product identification

Troubleshooting, inventory management and internal track & trace will all benefit from labelling your machines, products and equipment with proper identification. You will be able to quickly ascertain which machine suffers from a malfunction, which products needs to be repaired or which piece of equipment requires to be replaced, thereby saving valuable time and money. If you wish to label your electronics or electrical products, ONE2ID can supply you with the labels you need.

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Product identification labels

Oftentimes, the type of identification you apply to your machines needs to meet certain industry-specific requirements, which call for suitable type plates. In order to register your inventory and communicate its usage, the labels need to include instructions, logos, CE-marking and product specifications. The label experts at ONE2ID can customise any type of label by adding detailled product information, e.g. plain text, logos, barcodes and icons.

Certain situations call for label printing on the spot. In those instances, our blank labels offer a fitting solution. Simply tell us which material, size and colour you need and we’ll deliver the labels to your door, along with a thermal transfer printer, ribbons and Loftware NiceLabel design software, should you require any of those. In addition, we can design labels which are partially printed to which you can add the missing data at a later stage.

PALLabels for product identification

Adding a protective laminate to your labels will prolong the longevity and the readability of the labels. When ordering your preprinted labels from ONE2ID, our skilled production team will add a custom protective laminate to your labels to enhance their resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents, mechanical damage and abrasion.

If you prefer to print your own labels but would also like to benefit from the advantages of a protective laminate, we recommended using our PALLabels (Print and Laminate labels). Watch our short demo video to see if PALLabels would be a suitable solution for you.

Label materials for product identification

When choosing the right label material, there are certain factors you have to consider to ensure long-term use.

  • What is the work environment like? Do the labels e.g. need to be heat-resistant or waterproof? What type of surface will the labels be applied to, smooth, rough, rounded? Will you use the labels indoors or outdoors? Will the labels be exposed to chemicals, oils or UV?
  • Do you prefer to protect the label data with a laminate finish? If so, will a glossy or a matte laminate finish work best?
  • Which type of information needs to be included on the labels? For instance, serial numbers, instructions, certifications, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR code or icons.
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ONE2ID offers high-quality materials so you won’t have to worry about the legibility or the quality of your labels for years to come. You can have your choice of a wide range of materials, such as polyester, polypropylene, paper or vinyl. Our materials are suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, such as smooth, curved, powder-coated, metal, plastic, textured and rough.

Advice on labels for product identification

Whether you need a tiny label to apply to a battery or a giant label to apply to a wind turbine, ONE2ID has the experience, the knowledge and the tools to create labels for any type of application and work environment. If you would like personal advice on labelling, please contact label expert Anton Damen. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a custom solution.

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