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How to install warehouse labels

Watch the video for useful tips on installing pallet racking labels. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease and oils. Use a guide to ensure horizontal and vertical alignment of each label. Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles and to spread the adhesive evenly across the surface.

Visit our tools page for an overview of cleaning products and other tools to help you install warehouse labels with accuracy and ease.

If you lack the time and manpower to take of the installation by yourself, contact us for a custom quote.

How to install floor frames

If hundreds of pallets and products are being moved by heavy forklifts on a daily basis, our floor frames provide a sturdy and durable solution to identifying bulk storage locations in your warehouse. Follow the step by step instructions in our video for proper installation on your warehouse floor, using industrial polymer sealant. The floor frames are available in a standard and an extreme option, depending on the amount of warehouse traffic.

If you’d like to know whether or not our floor frames are suitable for use in your warehouse, please contact one of our label advisors.

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