Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

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A laminate finish on a label increases the longevity of the label and provides proper protection to UV light, (mechanical) abrasions, chemicals and oils. Thanks to the innovative label construction of our PALLabel you can attach a laminate to the label yourself after printing.

The PALLabel can be used for e.g. logistical or laboratory applications. The polyester material is also suitable for use on painted metal surfaces or surfaces with an aluminium (alloy) coating. An easy solution for creating your own durable type plates.

You can order the PALLabel in several different sizes. If you need a specific size, ask us for a custom quote.

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Paintmask labels

We have developed the Paintmask label for companies specialising in industrial surface treatments, such as wet painting, galvanising, chemical pretreatments and powder coating. How to use it? Apply the label before treatment. An additional laminate attached to the label protects the printed information on the label during treatment. After e.g. the lacquer has hardened or the paint has dried, you then remove the laminate, revealing a label that’s well integrated into the surface while the barcode information on the label is still clearly readable for both the human eye and a barcode scanner.

The Paintmask label is available in various standard sizes or you can order a custom design.

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