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Pallet racking labels

An efficiently laid out warehouse is an essential part of the logistical process. The ideal routing combined with smart inventory management, and of course clear identification of e.g. your pallet racking, cantilever racking and pick locations are all part of a successful warehouse. With a proven track record in manufacturing custom labels, ONE2ID is your source for any and all questions about warehouse pallet racking labels.

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How to choose your pallet racking labels

ONE2ID can manufacture your pallet racking labels to suit your needs. Please take a look at a selection of the label designs we have created for our customers. In order to determine the type of label required, our label experts can plan a visit to assess your work environment and listen to your wishes. That way we can make certain you will receive the type of label that is ideally suited to your application. During our visit we’ll take a look at:

  • The type of storage racks, e.g. pallet racking, drive-in racking, cantilever racking or carton flow racking.
  • The colour and design of your load beams and upright frames.
  • The dimensions of your load beams and upright frames (height, width, depth).
  • The type of material and adhesive of your current pallet racking labels (permanent, non-permanent, magnet).
  • Your current label design (positioning of the barcode, arrows, human readable information).
  • The distance between the operator, the scanner and the labels.
  • The use of light sources (Fluorescent light, LED etc.).
  • The type of scanners in use.
  • The use of barcodes, plain text, colour and arrows.
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Colour-coded pallet racking labels

The dynamic 24-hour society we live in puts great demands on the planning processes in warehouses and distribution centres. There is an ever-growing need for faster delivieries which puts even more pressure on increasing your logistical output, which in turn increases the risk of unwanted errors due to fatigued and stressed out employees. By colour-coding your pallet racking labels, you can relieve some of the pressure, help reduce the number of errors and improve the day-to-day order flow.

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How to colour code your pallet racking

Apply the custom multi-colour pallet racking label to the lower load beam so your operators are able to scan the label. Next, apply the corresponding level colours to the higer beams to ensure easy and effective identification of your pallet racking levels and pick storage locations. The addition of colour to your labels puts less pressure on your operators which will make them less tired as the day goes on and therefore less susceptible to making mistakes. This smart and simple solution not only reduces the amount of order picking errors but increases the number of satisfied customers. We can also design multicolour labels that combine a location code with a barcode, should you need to scan the upper levels of your pallet racking. If your warehouse combines pallet locations with shelf locations, our designers can integrate both into one label design.

How to install pallet racking labels

Custom-made quality products

The label experts at ONE2ID specialise in producing custom-made solutions which include logos, barcodes, datamatrix codes, plain text and numbers. Our assortment includes various types of materials, adhesives, colours and sizes to match your every need. Simply let us know which type of identification you need for your pallet racking and we’ll create a custom design. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information.

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