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How to install warehouse signs

When choosing the type of signage you want to use to identify your bulk storage locations, it’s important to take into account the amount and the type of traffic that occupies your warehouse. Floor identification is generally not advisable in warehouses with heavy traffic from forklifts and reach trucks. Instead, you could opt for warehouse signs that can be suspended from the ceiling. There are several options when it comes to installing warehouse signs:

  • suspension from chains attached to pot magnets.
  • suspension from steel wire rope.
  • suspension from ID-RAIL.
  • nuts, bolts and screws, cable ties, magnetic backing, C-hooks or double-sided foam tape.
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If your ceiling is made up of corrugated iron, metal or steel beams, you can install location signs with chains, hooks and powerful pot magnets. This is an easy solution for installing warehouse location signs if the ceiling is not too high and the bulk locations are not stacked too high. Each pot magnet can support 10 kg, so you can be sure that the signs will not move unless you move them yourself.

ONE2ID warehouse storage signs

In refrigerated and cold storage warehouses, using standard installation materials is not always an option. In cases like these, pot magnets can also be an effective solution. Our designers mount powerful screw magnets to the signs, allowing you to attach them directly to the ceiling for quick identification of specific warehouse areas or storage locations. When it comes to cold storage and refrigerated warehouses, we usually recommend using an L-sign with a 30º or 60º angle combined with a retro reflective label. This type of label increases the scanning speed of the long range scanner up to 4 times and allows barcode scanning over longer distances.

Steel wire rope

Depending on the type of signage you use, you can choose to suspend warehouse signs from a steel wire rope that’s installed right above your bulk storage locations. Our clip-on sign, for instance, can be easily hooked onto the steel wire rope making it easy to move or replace signs when storage locations are changed, added or cancelled.

ONE2ID magazijnbord clip-on bulklocatie

ID-RAIL System

ONE2ID locatieborden magazijn ophangen magazijnborden

If your storage locations are in close proximity to one another, our ID-RAIL system has proven to be a simple yet effective solution. This system is made up of horizontal narrow pipes that are interconnected by joints, suspended from steel wire rope. The ID-RAIL system ensures all location signs are placed at the same height above the corresponding locations thereby creating an orderly working environment that promotes efficiency and helps prevent mistakes from being made. In addition, the sturdy construction of the ID-RAIL system ensures stability, making the signs resistant to e.g. gusts of wind.

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Additional mounting options

Other options for mounting warehouse signs include the use of screw eyes or screw-in hooks to which you can attach the chains, if the ceiling is made of wood. When mounting signs onto pallet racking, cable ties, magnetic backing, C-hooks or double-sided foam tape are a low-cost but effective solution.

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Advice on installing warehouse signs

Whether they are working on the floor, inside a forklift or a so-called man-up truck, it’s imperative for your warehouse operators to be able to identify and scan your storage locations quickly and easily. This ensures a fast and effective flow of goods on a daily basis.

Please contact our advisors for advice on the type of warehouse signs that most benefit your warehouse operations. If you lack time or manpower, ONE2ID can take care of the installation for you. Send us an email for a tailor-made quote or to ask us any questions you might have regarding warehouse signs.

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