Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Removable labels

Warehouse and industrial labels provide long-term identification of products, machines, vehicles and locations. Therefore, both the quality and adhesive strength of the label you choose are important factors to take into consideration.

However, in some cases temporary labels will suffice. That doesn’t mean the labels should be of inferior quality. After all, you still want the labels to be legible and adhere well to the surface in addition to being able to be easily removed. That’s where our Repositionable labels come in.

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Save costs with removable labels

Repositionable labels make labelling and relabelling easy as can be. These removable labels are made of polypropylene with a strong non-permanent adhesive, that adheres well to plastic, metal and cardboard. You are able to reuse the labels after they’ve been removed, provided the surface is clean and dry. Even after 10 years, the labels will have lost none of their adhesive strength. If you need to replace a machine or relabel products for temporary use, you can easily remove and reapply the labels.

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Removable labels are also a smart solution for temporary identification of e.g. steel or metal sheets, vehicles, inventory, vehicle damage, plastic containers or cardboard boxes. Because the labels don’t leave any residue behind on the surface upon removal – unlike labels with a permanent adhesive – you can save significantly on the cost of cleaning and ordering new labels.

Removable labels in your warehouse

Warehouse managers commonly use removable labels for labelling variable pallet or order picking locations on racks and shelves. Our Repositionable labels are also a popular choice for labelling goods that need to be scanned on arrival, but whose labels must be removed before dispatch.

If you are currently in need of labels, but you already know your warehouse layout will change
in a few years’ time, then opt for removable labels. This will save you having to order new labels for the locations that remain unchanged, while the rest of the labels can be quickly removed.

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Do you need to replace a damaged rack beam? No problem. Simply remove the existing rack labels and once the new beam is in place, reapply the removable labels. When you choose to use Repostionable labels for your warehouse locations, you save valuable time and thereby money since you won’t have to clean any of your pallet racking beams or uprights.

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During their online consults our label experts often come across warehouses or distribution centres where crate labels need to be replaced on a daily basis. For those specific instances we have an even better solution than our removable labels: place label here labels. Any type of label material that is applied to what we call the “label adapter” can be easily removed, without leaving any type of residue behind.

Advice on removable labels

Our removable labels are available in white, yellow and multicolor. We can preprint the labels to include the information you require, such as barcodes, 2D codes (datamatrix and QR code), text, numbers, icons and arrows. We can also supply blank labels on rolls in standard or custom sizes so you are able to print barcode labels whenever you need.

Would you like personal advice or test samples of the label material in your work environment? Feel free to contact label specialist Anton Damen.

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