Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Sample request label materials

What happens after we have received your request?

Please fill out the entire form so that we have your correct address details. If you would like to test the label material with a thermal transfer printer, please mention this in your request.

After having received your request, our consultants will send samples of the desired label material within 2 working days free of charge for you to test. Please note that these are standardised samples. In case of pre-printed labels, they already include a barcode.

If you prefer to receive a customised sample, for example to test a particular barcode, we will charge a fee for design and production costs.

How do you properly test our materials?

  • Make sure to test the label material under the actual conditions you are planning to use it.
  • Clean the surface of grease, oils and dust to enable the adhesive to firmly attach itself to the surface.
  • Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers as much as possible.
  • Attach the label to the surface and press or rub it well in order to activate the adhesive. If necessary, use an installation tool like a squeegee.

Should you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote, please give us a call at +31 (0)172 769 123.

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