Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Heat-resistant PCB labels

ONE2ID’s high-quality polyimide (Kapton®) labels can withstand high temperatures and are resistant to the chemicals most commonly used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. It’s our intention to supply you with the right labels to suit your work environment, whether you require standard-sized blank labels or tailor-made preprinted labels.

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Identify your PCBs

Polyimide labels are the perfect choice for labelling your PCBs. This type of label material is specifically designed to endure extremely high temperatures as well as aggressive chemicals. PCB labels can be applied either before, during or after the circuit board manufacturing process. A combination of strong adhesive qualities and resistance to heat and harsh chemicals protects the barcode or 2D code in order to retain its legibility for both the human eye and scanning equipment. The several layers that make up the label stay intact with the label firmly attached to the surface, even during exposure to aggressive chemical solvents. In short, polyimide labels are the perfect choice for PCB identification.

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Custom-made labels

ONE2ID specialises in custom label designs according to your industry’s particular demands and regulations. When it comes to polyimide material, we offer the following options:

  • 25μ and 50μ white, matte polyimide
  • 25μ and 50μ white, glossy polyimide
  • 25μ and 50μ ESD, matte-glossy polyimide
  • 50μ buff (green/ yellow), matte polyimide
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You have the option to order preprinted PCB labels that include a barcode, 2D (data matrix) code, plain text and numbers, or a combination of one or more elements. The labels will be delivered to you on manageable rolls to facilitate quick and easy application. Our labels are also compatible with feeders1 used for pick & place2 machines in case your company uses auto apply instead of manual application.

Print your own PCB labels

ONE2ID can supply you with printable PCB labels if you need or prefer to print the labels yourself. These blank polyimide labels are compatible with thermal transfer printers from several popular brands. Please note, when printing PCB labels, the quality of the ribbon determines the longevity of the printed data on the label. A chemical and heat-resistant ribbon ensures that the information on the label maintains its legibility even after the label has gone through the entire PCB manufacturing process. Our label experts will be happy to offer advice on the printer, thermal transfer ribbons and label design software that best suit your needs.

If you want to know more about cost-saving labels that improve working efficiently, please contact us now. Or download our Electronics Industry brochure for information on label material specifications.

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1: Suppliers of label feeders: Hover Davis, Brady, AMS, Kutronic, Elite Feeder Solutions, Identco, PB Tec Solutions, CAB, Europlacer.

2: Pick & place machines compatible with label feeders: Assembleon, Juki, ASM Siplace, Fuji, Heeb, Fritsch, Samsung, Yamaha, Mydata, Siemens, Panasonic, Universal.