Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

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A place label here label, also known as a placard label holder, is a widely used solution for identification of plastic bins, crates and trolleys. This type of label enables you to remove self-adhesive (barcode) labels, such as pallet ID or LPN barcode labels, without leaving any residue from either the label material or the adhesive behind.

The perfect solution for single-use labels on transport and storage equipment as well as flexible storage locations. The material is also heat-resistant, scratch-proof and resistant to industrial cleaning processes.

Why order place label here labels from ONE2ID?

Our in-house production team designs and manufactures the labels to fit the most commonly used sizes for plastic crates, bins and pallet boxes. One of the advantages of having our own label factory is that we can fully customise the labels to the exact size of your bins and crates. We can also add e.g. your company logo, a URL or other relevant information to the labels. In addition, we can also supply a transparent version of the place label here sticker. We specialise is custom designs so the possibilities are near endless.

Would you like to know the standard label sizes we can manufacture for you at short notice? Please contact one of our consultants for more information.

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What are the unique features of the place label here sticker?

The place label here label is made of sturdy plastic material and has a permanent adhesive, which adheres well to the surface. Its unique feature is the special finishing on the topcoat, which allows for any type of label material with a permanent adhesive – be it paper, polypropylene or vinyl – to be easily removed. Afterwards, you’ll find no trace of residue from either the adhesive or the label material, so you can rest assured that your trolleys, crates and other transport and storage equipment will remain clean. The place label here sticker is ready for reuse and you can easily apply a new LPN barcode label or location number label.

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What are common uses for the place label here label?

The place label here label can be used on smooth, rough and textured surfaces. In warehouses, the place label here sticker is mainly used for labelling and relabelling storage and transport equipment, such as bins and crates, and flexible order picking locations. When you need to relabel your crates and bins, you no longer need to order more expensive label materials. A cost-saving paper barcode label will suffice, which can be easily removed from the place label here sticker.

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Aside from bins and crates, the place label here sticker is also suitable for order picking locations, rack and shelf labels and even warehouse signs. If the location numbers on e.g. your bulk storage signs change over time, simply replace the (barcode) labels on the signs with new ones. It saves you having to spend money on new warehouse signs.

Our label designers can create a place label here sticker out of many different label materials. So whether you’re working in a refrigerated or cold storage warehouse, or need outdoor labelling, we have the solution.

How to use the place label here label

  • Contact ONE2ID to order your place label here stickers in the desired size.
  • Apply the place label here labels to the bins or crates.
  • Print your own pallet ID labels or serial numbers with a thermal transfer printer.
  • Stick the prerinted barcode labels onto place label here label.
  • Remove and replace the barcode labels when the product or storage location changes.

Questions about the place label here label

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for labelling and relabelling with ease, the place label here sticker is the right choice. You will not only save money on cleaning costs but you will also save time replacing the stickers.

We can manufacture the labels in various sizes and colours, even transparent, and fully customised to your requirements with for instance the addition of your logo or URL.

Do you still have questions or would you like to test the material? Please feel free to contact Sales Manager Anton Damen for custom labelling advice or to request samples.

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