Why use colour-coded rack labels?

Rack labels that are both legible and easily recognisable are essential to the day-to-day operations of any warehouse. After all, you want your goods to be stored in the right place and delivered to the right customers. This process requires an efficient warehouse management system with matching software and well-designed barcode labels.

What does the use of colour contribute to your warehouse?

If you are used to working with standardised yellow or white labels, colour-coded rack labels with corresponding colours on the beams of each pallet rack level offer several advantages to your warehouse operations. The human brain detects colours more easily and quickly than it does the written word. By using colour-coded rack labels your operators are trained to recognise colours instead of having to actually read the information on the labels. This will reduce unnecessary strain, keep them alert and less prone to making mistakes as the day progresses. You will save valuable time and money by not having to fix picking errors which will in turn contribute to a higher number of satisfied clients.

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If your daily operations include the use of reach trucks or man-up trucks, and you need your multilevel labels to include barcodes, our label designers can custom add those to your level colours. We can advise you on which colours to use on the different levels, depending on the light source being used and also taking into account the number of operators that suffer from being colour blind. You may be surprised to know that the use of colour-coded rack labels is every bit as effective on people who experience colour blindness. They will obviously not see the actual colours the way most people do, but the noticeable contrast between the different colours allows them to distinguish between colours and thereby also recognise the specific colour assigned to a storage location.

The benefits of colour-coded rack labels

The brain recognises colours instantly as opposed to alphanumeric information. If a pallet location is associated with a specific colour your operators will register it more quickly, retain the information more easily and work faster.

The brain registers bright contrasting colours in a flash. If a pallet location is identified by a bright colour, it is instantly recognisable to your operators, which will help them work with more accuracy and reduce the number of errors made when picking orders or moving pallets around.

Recognising colours requires less brain capacity than decoding numbers and plain text. By working with colour-coded labels your operators will be less fatigued and stay more alert. Their alertness enhances a safer work environment.

The use of colour-coded rack labels will reduce the number of picking and packing errors and thereby reduce the number of orders that need to be replaced or refunded. This money-saving system will guarantee you satisfied customers.

Our system of colour-coding is universally recognisable and easy to understand, making it suitable for foreign employees and temp workers alike. They need minimal instructions before they can start working and they are less prone to making mistakes.

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Custom advice on colour-coded labels

If you want to save time and money, order your colour-coded rack labels at ONE2ID. We will guarantee you a label design that will enhance your work processes and to ensure faster scanning, our labels are finished with a light-absorbing matte laminate. Our system of colour-coding is a perfect addition to any 5S or lean working method. Please contact one of our label advisors to discuss your labelling needs. We can visit your workplace or you can give us a virtual tour of your warehouse during a Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime call.

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