Bulk storage identification

Bulk storage, inventory storage, inbound, outbound… whichever name you put to your warehouse storage locations, they all have one thing in common: they need proper identification. Whether your operators are seated in a forklift or reach truck, or standing on the warehouse floor, they should be able to read, recognise and scan the identification used for the different locations. The label advisors at ONE2ID can advise you on how to optimise your order flow to ensure a timely and error-free delivery to your customers.

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Bulk storage signs

In most warehouses, the inventory or temporary stock is stacked on the warehouse floor, on the upper levels of pallet racking or both. If you don’t want to waste precious time during order picking and restocking, these locations need to be documented in your digital warehouse management system (WMS). Clear and concise bulk storage identification provides the answer. Why not lighten your operators’ work load by using well-designed warehouse signs? They will enable your warehouse employees to work more efficiently in less time, which in turn will make your customers happy and improve your turnover.

Any sign you order from ONE2ID will be designed to your exact specifications. When it comes to bulk storage signs, ONE2ID offers the following options for hanging or fixed-mount signs.

Choose the right bulk storage sign

In any efficient warehouse environment, bulk storage locations require clear legibility for both scanners (short and long range) and warehouse operators alike. Our PVC signs are available in yellow and white with additional colours available upon request. We can offer advice on the size and shape of the signs as well as the content of the label. Our bulk storage signs are available with pre-drilled holes, hooks and chains for suspension from the ceiling or, alternatively, with tape or magnets attached for easy installation on the side of your pallet or pick racking systems.

Our label designers can design your warehouse signs to include a barcode that corresponds with your software. This improves the efficiency of your warehouse operations, such as stock counting. When it comes to long range scanning, a reflective label material is the right choice. This type of material quadruples the scanning range of long range scanners (up to 20 metres).

ONE2ID scanning warehouse bulk storage signs

Signs or labels?

The label experts at ONE2ID recommend the use of PVC signs for long range scanning. On occasion, however, mounting the signs to the ceiling may not be an option, for instance when:

  • The ceiling is too high.
  • There is no room to put any signs.
  • Long range scanners are unavailable.
  • Stacking is too high, thereby obscuring the visibility of the signs.

In these specific cases, we advise the use of floor signs. Floor identification is also advisable when the PVC signs suspended from the ceiling are located too closely together thereby making it difficult to match the sign with the location. A well-designed label placed on your warehouse floor will tell you in an instant which barcode belongs to which location.

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Types of floor labels

ONE2ID offers several standard-sized solutions for floor identification. Warehouses with very little traffic can benefit from the cost-efficient Economy label. This type of label is made from polyester and has a protective lexan topcoat. It’s easy to apply and provides your bulk storage locations with legible identification.

Work environments that employ moderate to heavy fork lift traffic pose a challenge to floor identification. Our floor frame kits are the answer to your needs. These durable kits are made of metal and are fitted with a protective perspex cover which prevents the label underneath from being damaged by tyres or pallets that are being dragged across the floor. The frames come in two different sizes that include a replaceable label, so you’re sure to find a kit to suit the demands of your warehouse environment.

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