Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Self-laminating labels

When it comes to labelling your wires and cables, there are several options to choose from, one of which are self-laminating labels. These type of labels are made of durable yellow or white vinyl and provide permanent adhesion. In the chart below you’ll find a selection of our standard-sized blank labels. If you prefer to order your wrap-around labels (partially) preprinted, please contact one of our label advisers to discuss the right solution for your application needs. They are also able to offer advice on using the self-laminating labels with your thermal transfer printer.

MaterialCodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Labels per rowØ Core
VinylM-130112,519840, 76
VinylM-130112,519840, 76
VinylM-13012537440, 76
VinylM-13012563440, 76
VinylM-13012595440, 76
VinylM-13013863240, 76
VinylM-13015095240, 76