Customised barcode labels for industrial and logistics applications

Smart inventory management

Crates, bins, carts, trolleys, office supplies, tools and the like are part of the daily management of warehouse goods and inventory. Keeping track of all these items and tools requires an organised approach. ONE2ID offers durable and legible identification labels that are essential to any proper inventory management.

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The benefits of barcode labels

If you wish to maintain a good overview of your stock, you need well-designed identification labels. Barcode labels with a custom layout ensure an accurate registration of materials and machines that either move from location to location through your warehouse or need to be replaced. The label experts at ONE2ID design a label layout to suit your automated WMS system. They can include include barcodes, 2D (datamatrix or QR) codes, logos or alphanumeric information. This ends up saving you precious time and money because

  • All of your goods and materials can be accurately traced by simply scanning the label.
  • Your annual inventory count can proceed more efficiently due to quick and precise registration.
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Which label material does your inventory management require?

In addition to a fitting label design, you also need the right label material for proper identification of your products and belongings. When choosing the right material, suitable for your warehouse or logistics centre, you need to consider:

  • Surface. What type of surface will the labels be applied to? What is the size of the surface? Is the surface smooth or textured?
  • Location. Will the labels be used indoors or outdoors and what, if any, are the chances of mechanical damage?
  • Temperatures. Do the labels need to withstand extreme temperatures or challenging surroundings, such as exposure to chemicals and oils?
  • Durability. Do the barcode labels need to be removed at some point or do they need to last as long as your inventory?
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If so desired, our label advisors can visit you at your warehouse to discuss your wishes and select the right label material. You might find that durable polyester heat-resistant labels are what you need, or perhaps virtually untearable tags for outdoor use are the solution you’ve been looking for. Alternatively, you could opt for aluminium or stainless steel tags that can withstand extremely high temperatures as well as long-term outdoor use.

Label adapter

Are you faced with having to label and relabel locations, crates, trolleys and bins on a regular basis? Then you should give our unique label adapter a try. This plastic label has a strong permanent adhesive with a specially formulated topcoat that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, from smooth to rough and textured. The laminate topcoat turns every type of permanent material into a non-permanent material, thereby making it easy to label and relabel any surface without leaving label residue behind. Whether it be paper, polypropylene or vinyl, your trolleys, crates and other means of warehouse transport remain clean after removing the label from the label adapter.

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Advice on inventory management

ONE2ID has an extensive assortment of products to enhance your inventory management. If you would like to know more about the products and services we can offer you, contact us and make an appointment.

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