Ten questions

Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for warehouse labels.

  1. On what type of surface will the labels be attached? The characteristics of powder coated or spray painted racking surfaces differ from those of galvanised surfaces.
  2. Will the surface be cleaned before the labels are attached?
  3. Do I want to be able to replace my labels with barcode labels in a few years?
  4. Do I prefer standard white and yellow labels or do I benefit from colour-coded racking labels?
  5. How much space is available for barcode labelling? Am I using the available space efficiently to ensure the best possible results from my identification system?
  6. Can I save time and make my warehouse a safer place to work by using properly designed labels?
  7. Do I need a label partner who can provide me with an efficient logistical system?
  8. Will my knowledge of labels and barcodes ensure a smoothly run (new) logistical process?
  9. Shall I design and print the labels by myself or shall I oursource the manufacturing process?
  10. Do I need anything else besides labels, e.g. signs?


“ONE2ID was the only one out of four suppliers we’ve contacted who made an effort to come round to our warehouse and discuss our labelling wishes. Thank you for offering such service.”
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