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Versatile magnetic shelf labels

In addition to permanent, non-permanent and freezer labels ONE2ID carries magnetic shelf labels, custom made to suit the needs of your work environment.
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Magnetic or regular labels

The choice of warehouse label is determined by the application. If the pallet racking or bin locations in your warehouse change periodically, magnetic shelf labels are a fitting solution. These type of labels retain their adhesive strength and the ease with which they are able to be applied and re-applied contributes to an efficiently run work environment.


Removing permanent labels can be laborious. Not only is it difficult to remove the label itself, but there’s the arduous task of removing the adhesive that is left behind on the surface. Magnetic labels can be a great alternative for a variety of applications, such as pallet racking, metal carts and crates and more.


Magnetic shelf labels are also ideally suited for freezer warehouses in which the temperature is too low for the adhesive on regular labels to stay attached to the surface. Our long-lasting extreme magnetic shelf label can be applied at temperatures as low as -25°C.


Tailor-made solutionsMagneten ONE2ID

At ONE2ID we create magnetic shelf labels that are tailor-made to suit your application. You can choose the right size, colour, strength and label information you need in order for your warehouse to be run smoothly and free of errors.


Our label experts are able to offer you personal advice to help you find the right label for your warehouse needs. For instance, we can design magnetic shelf labels for use with long-range scanners. Instead of using regular polyester, we’ll design magnetic labels using reflective polyester thereby quadrupling the scanning range of your long-distance scanners.


If you prefer instead to design and print your own labels, we can supply you with blank magnetic labels in a variety of strengths and sizes.


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We pride ourselves on staying in close contact with our customers and doing our level best to deliver exactly what they need to advance their business. This personal approach in delivering tailor-made and expert advice oftentimes results in the best and most cost-effective label solutions.


Please contact us for custom advice. We’ll gladly make an appointment at your warehouse to discuss which label is right for you.

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